[Event] Tech.AD Europe 2024

Join RoboSense at Tech.AD Europe 2024

Discover our cutting-edge LiDAR and perception solutions, shaping the future of intelligent vehicle technology.

Booth: No. 6
Location: TITANIC Chausse Hotel Berlin, Germany
Date: March 10-12, 2024

Don't miss out on bringing next-level perception to ADAS and autonomy!

Here is a peek into what visitors will experience at the RoboSense booth:

Cutting-edge solid-state LiDAR

● The M3 is our new long-range automotive grade sensor, designed to meet the level 3+ autonomous driving need of OEM and Tier 1 customers globally. The compact, cost-efficient M3 is a disruptive technology that rivals incumbent long-range 1550nm sensors by using 940nm wavelength to achieve 300m range at 10% reflectivity.

● The mid-range M2 is the upgraded version of our M1, the world’s first automotive-grade solid-state lidar sensor in mass production. Our M Platform sensors are deployed by OEMs globally for advanced driver assistance and autonomy.

● The E1, developed with RoboSense’s proprietary chip technology, provides superior blind spot detection to enhance navigation capabilities and advance safety in vehicles and robots. This compact, solid-state sensor offers 120° horizontal FoV and 90° vertical FoV and short-range detection of ≤15cm to eliminate blind spots.

Mechanical LiDAR innovations

● The Ruby Plus is an upgraded 128-beam sensor designed for level 4 autonomous vehicle commercial operations.
● The Bpearl, with an ultra-wide 360° horizontal by 90° vertical field of view (FoV), delivers precise short-range detection of ≤ 10cm to cover blind spots and enhance navigation capabilities for vehicles and robots.
● The versatile Helios series, including 16- and 32-beam lidar sensors offer several vertical FoV options, object detection of ≤ 0.2m, and have passed critical validation tests to ensure reliability. These sensors are designed to meet a broad range of customer applications, including robotics, intelligent vehicles and V2X.

Advanced software solutions

● HyperVison is a full-stack system that combines RoboSense sensors and software to deliver comprehensive data analytics for critical decision-making, enabling customers' development of better, safer solutions.

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