MX is the new generation of automotive-grade mid-range LiDAR from the RoboSense M platform, which combine featuring outstanding ultimate cost-effectiveness, leading performance, and compactness. MX is equipped with RoboSense's in-house SoC chip M-Core, utilizing the 2D scanning chip from the M platform while upgrading the transceiver system, marking the pinnacle of LiDAR chip technology.
Thanks to its ultimate design, MX has an unparalleled 25mm slim and light appearance, ultra-quiet operating sound, and ultra-low power consumption below 10W. The maximum detection range of MX can reach 200 meters, with a field of view angle of 120°×25°, 126 lines (equivalent to 251 lines in ROI area). Additionally, the intelligent "GAZE" function has been upgraded, with adjustable ROI globally, providing a safer and more efficient intelligent driving experience.




High definition



In-house SoC

LiDAR dedicated chip, integrated processing systems

2D MEMS chip

Chip-based scanning module same as the M platform

Transceiver chip

Chip-based upgrade of the M platform's transceiver
25mm: Slim and compact, elegant and agile
MX redefined the thickness standard of forward-looking LiDAR with a mere 25mm, which can achieve flexible deployment inside and outside the cabin. Compared with M1/M1 Plus/M2, MX has a volume reduction of 40%, a thickness reduction of 44% to only 25mm, and an 80% reduction in the exposed window area.
MX can be flexibly embedded in various positions on the car, including behind the windshield, on the roof, within the headlights, and in the intake grille, perfectly complementing the vehicle's design while facilitating easier deployment.

Roof mounting

Integrated seamlessly into the vehicles, boasting an elegant design and ultra-low airdrag.

Windshield packaging

Requires an extremely small KOZ*, providing unobstructed visibility for the driver.
*Keep Out Zone: the space occupied by the integrated sensor in the front glass.
NVH-free: Silent inside and outside the cabin
Inheriting RoboSense's advanced 2D MEMS scanning chip technology, MX operates without any internal mechanical vibrations or noise. Its operating sound remains infinitely close to the ambient noise level, and the entire life cycle maintain silent. Whether deployed inside or outside the cabin, MX ensures NVH-free (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) operation, significantly enhancing a silent advanced driving experience.
Smart "GAZE": Urban wide-angle, highways telephoto
MX Inherits the M platform's 2D scanning and variable focus patented technology. The angular resolution of MX can be globally adjusted, further adapting to diverse driving scenarios such as urban and highways.

Urban wide-angle mode: Calm and intelligent

MX has a FOV of 120°×25°, which can perceive the surrounding traffic dynamics and help vehicles deal with various urban transportation scenarios, making the driving experience more comfortable.

Highways telephoto mode: Safe and efficient

The ROI area is equivalent to 251-beam and angular resolution is 0.1°×0.1°. MX can focus on scanning roads ahead, helping vehicles detect obstacles ahead promptly and ensuring safe autonomous driving.
Equipped with in-house SoC: M-Core
MX utilizes RoboSense in-house SoC (System-on-Chip): M-Core, which can provide powerful computing and processing capabilities. M-Core integrates multi-threshold TDC (Time-to-Digital Converter), which makes the weak echo detection capability enhancement 4 times and equivalent to a 32-fold enhancement in distance resolution capability.
As the most integrated SoC in the industry, M-Core breaks through by integrating the entire backend circuit into a single chip, reducing the size of main board by 50%, reducing power consumption by 40% and significantly reducing costs.
Advanced architecture,
strong performance

M-Core integrates quad-core 64bit APU and qual-core MCU, the main frequency 1GHz and 8MByte storage unit, provides powerful computing and processing capabilities.

Special design,
powerful efficiency

Multi-threshold TDC enhances weak echo detection capacity by 4 times and is equivalent to a 32-fold enhancement in distance resolution capability.

High integration,low power consumption

Integrated backend circuits reduce circuit board size by 50%, power consumption by 40% and are cost-effective.

Ultimate design, High integration
The compact design of MX is a result of its ultimate internal structural design. Based on the highly integrated design of M1 Plus, the number of PCBA in MX has been reduced by 69%, the size of main board has been reduced by 50% and the number of optical components has been reduced by 80%.
MX inherits the mature and compact transceiver module of the M platform and the internal transceiver chip has been upgraded and iterated. Compared to M1 Plus, MX has 40% reduction in volume, 44% reduction in thickness, a power consumption less than 10W, a significant reduction in cost and a significant improvement in manufacturability.
Continuous iteration, seamless upgrade
As a new generation product that connects the M platform, MX completely inherits M platform's 2D scanning architecture, core optical path and optoelectronic devices to reuse the M platform's production line equipment. The product has high maturity and the development cycle is extremely short.
Inheriting a modular and platform-based design, subsequent iterations of MX products feature pin-to-pin upgrades to core components. With the premise of maintaining the same specifications such as point cloud scanning form and data interface, it can continuously evolve and achieve performance upgrades generation by generation, helping customers to continuously optimize the intelligent driving performance and cost of new vehicle models with minimal secondary development costs, enabling a higher level of intelligent driving experience continuously.
MX video

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