Horizontal FoV: 120°
Used in the forward looking M series products to achieve panoramic perception and eliminate blind areas in all scenarios.
Vertical FoV: 90°
Ideally balance ground blind area reduction and lateral wide-range perception* to eliminate all blind areas.
*Ground blind area ≤15cm, effective perception of low objects such as curbs and speed bumps; an 8.5° upward vertical FoV to provide a panoramic perception of both sides of the vehicle.
Ultra-high refresh rate: 10~30Hz
Navigate smoothly through harsh operating conditions of blind area reduction scenarios, and provide sufficiently safe perception results by integrating with other sensors.
*Right turn scene: on the left: 10Hz refresh rate, on the right: ≥25Hz refresh rate
Stronger range detection capability: 30m @10%
Which can effectively detect high-speed vehicles coming from either side and the rear, and provide sufficient response time.
*In unprotected left turn scenarios, on the left: the range detection capacity is 20m @10% standard reflectivity; on the right: range detection capacity is 30 meters @10% standard reflectivity

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