RoboSense Powering Warehouse Automation: A Sneak Peek into MODEX 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of manufacturing and supply chain operations, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. The decisions made today shape the future of this industry, and at the forefront of this journey is RoboSense.  

As MODEX 2024 approaches, we are gearing up to showcase our latest innovations, forge new connections, and deliver invaluable insights into the supply chains trends of tomorrow.   

Here, from March 11 -14, we will take center stage at booth A11924, where visitors will have an exclusive opportunity to witness our technology in action, interact with LiDAR-equipped robots, and speak with experts!

Collaborative Showcases and Cutting-Edge Exhibits 

We are thrilled to work with partners and customers to demonstrate how our LiDAR drives next-generation AMR and AGV systems. Come by our booth A11924 to:  

● Meet the BOWE TugBot, which is equipped with our Helios 16 LiDAR. The Tugbot can pull anything on four or more wheels from point A to point B. Think carts, trolleys, or any other wheeled vehicle used to move materials in warehouses or factories! You can also join them at their booth B7646.
● See the Agilox One, a dynamic, maneuverable pallet AMR that utilizes our Bpearl LiDAR for obstacle avoidance and safe, precise navigation. You can also visit them at their booth C7492.
● Check out the Lionsbot R12 REX CS. With its world-class cleaning mechanism, the REX CS picks up debris while delivering powerful scrubbing performance for distribution centers and warehouses. Our Helios 32 enables the REX CS to see further, map better, and be more efficient.  
● Experience live demos of the Stokes Robotics Go2 Robot Dog and LIMO. The high-performance quadruped GO2 leverages our Helios 16 to traverse a variety of terrains for a range of commercial and educational purposes. The LIMO, which also uses our Helios LiDAR, is a great tool for industrial application development like autonomous driving, computer vision, and AI.

From lower left clockwise: Agliox One, Lionsbot REX CS, BOWE Tugbot, and Stokes Robotics AGV, all equipped with RoboSense LiDARs

RoboSense LiDARs Leveling Up Automation  

Attendees will have an opportunity to explore a range of our LiDARs, which include:  

Mechanical LiDAR innovations 

● The Bpearl, with an ultra-wide 360° horizontal by 90° vertical field of view (FoV), delivers precise short-range detection of ≤ 10cm to cover blind spots and enhance navigation capabilities for commercial and mobility applications.

● Our 16- and 32-beam Helios offer several vertical FoV options, object detection of ≤ 0.2m, and have passed critical validation tests to ensure reliability. These LiDARs advance warehouse automation by capturing accurate, high-resolution 3D data, enabling AMRs to traverse challenging environments safely and powering V2X functionalities.

Cutting-edge solid-state LiDAR 

● The E1, developed with RoboSense’s in-house designed chip technology, delivers ten years of proven LiDAR technology in the automotive sector to robotics applications. This compact, solid-state LiDAR offers 120° horizontal FoV and 90° vertical FoV and short-range detection of ≤15cm to eliminate blind spots.

● The M3 is our new long-range automotive grade LiDAR, designed to meet the level 3+ autonomous driving need of OEM and Tier 1 customers globally. The compact, cost-efficient M3 is a disruptive technology that rivals incumbent long-range 1550nm LiDARs by using 940nm wavelength to achieve 300m range at 10% reflectivity.

● The mid-range M2 is the upgraded version of our M1, the world’s first automotive-grade solid-state LiDAR in mass production. Our M Platform LiDARs are deployed by OEMs globally for advanced driver assistance and autonomy.  

RoboSense's cutting-edge LiDARs

We hope to see you at MODEX 2024 from March 11- 14 in Atlanta, Georgia, at our Booth A11924!  

Email us atrsi-office@robosense.ai 

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