RoboSense Wins 2024 Tech.AD Award for Sensors & LiDAR Technologies

RoboSense’s new long-range M3 LiDAR recognized for advancing safer, more intelligent driving systems.

RoboSense (2498.HK), a global leader in LiDAR and perception solutions, today announced that its long-range, automotive-grade M3 LiDAR won the Tech.AD Europe Award 2024, which recognizes outstanding achievements in the automotive industry. RoboSense's M3 was honored in the Sensors & LiDAR Technologies category for its LiDAR innovation that is powering the future of intelligent vehicles.

RoboSense is a product-driven company that is hyper-focused on research and development, which enables it to iterate on proven technologies and bring products to scale quickly. The pinnacle of these efforts is the long-rangeM3, which marks a significant step forward as RoboSense drives mass adoption of its automotive-grade sensors in L3+ vehicles globally. The M3 is a disruptive technology that rivals incumbent long-range 1550nm sensors by achieving a 300m range at 10% reflectivity with 940nm wavelengths. By using 940nm technology, RoboSense is able to deliver compact, cost-effective, power-efficient sensors. Additionally, the M3’s advanced 2D scanning technology enables a 0.05° x 0.05° angular resolution within the region of interest (ROI) to detect smaller objects at longer distances.

Like many of RoboSense's sensors, the M3 is designed on a modular platform. The platform is built to be upgraded through in-house developed chip technologies while maintaining the form factor, interface, and scanning technology. This is critical for OEM customers as they iterate on their advanced driver assistance (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) systems; they now have the capability to seamlessly upgrade to the next generation of the sensor when it becomes available, without extra design changes or validation. As the first LiDAR company to mass manufacture automotive-grade sensors with their M Platform, RoboSense's ability to produce high-volume products offers a huge advantage for its customers. The company has a CNAS-accredited lab and conducts stringent validation and testing to ensure quality and reliability. RoboSense's focus on automotive projects has enabled the company's robust mass manufacturing capabilities because these projects are long-term, predictable, and require the highest level of testing. As of December 2023, RoboSense has obtained 62 vehicle model design wins and successfully assisted 12 OEMs and Tier 1 customers in starting the mass production of 24 models, including the new fully-electric Lotus EMEYA. RoboSense has diversified its customer base in the automotive market through its work with North American-based OEMs, Japanese OEMs, Tier 1 companies, and mobility startups.

"At RoboSense, we are committed to making the world safer and smarter through autonomous technology innovation. The 2024 Tech.AD Europe award provides further validation that, with the M3, we are delivering on that promise, said Mingzhe Sun, Operations Director, RoboSense EMEA GmbH. The M3 is built from RoboSense's decade of continuous innovation, a strong technology DNA, mass manufacturing capability, and robust customer profile. We are honored to be recognized by Tech.AD among companies who have significantly contributed to advancing the automotive industry."

Representing RoboSense EMEA GmbH at Tech.AD and accepting this prestigious award is Gregory Poillion, Senior Sales Director.
Watch the short video highlighting the benefits that the M3 offers for the future of intelligent driving systems here.

For further information, press inquiries, or to schedule an interview, please contact media@robosense.ai.

About RoboSense
Founded in 2014, RoboSense is a global leader in LiDAR and perception solutions. RoboSense's competitive strengths include a large and diverse customer base, chip technology designed in-house, full-stack perception solutions, strong mass production capabilities, visionary management, and a seasoned R&D team. RoboSense is committed to making the world safer and smarter through autonomous technology innovation. For more information, visit https://www.robosense.ai/en.

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