RoboSense's M Platform Sensors Power the Fully-Electric Lotus EMEYA

RoboSense(2498.HK), a global leader in LiDAR and perception solutions, announced that Lotus, a UK-headquartered global luxury auto manufacturer, has officially launched its first fully electric sedan, the Emeya, equipped with two state-of-the-art RoboSense M Platform LiDAR sensors. It is the second Lotus vehicle to incorporate RoboSense's M Platform sensors. Lotus also deployed M Platform sensors on the Eletre, the company's first electric-Hyper SUV, unveiled in March 2022.

Lotus, a company dedicated to innovative engineering and cutting-edge technologies, chose RoboSense's automotive-grade M Platform sensors to advance the Emeya's intelligent driving systems. The compact, high-performance M Platform sensors, equipped with RoboSense's proprietary chip technology, were developed for advanced driver assistance applications and autonomy. With a wide field of view of 120° x 25°, the sensors capture precise, high-resolution 3D data to detect roadway objects at up to 200m in low-light and nighttime lighting conditions. Enhanced by RoboSense's LiDAR technology, the Emeya's Adaptive Driving Beam technology delivers low-light perception capabilities and helps shield drivers from oncoming glare. Additionally, the M Platform sensors, with a dual-echo mode that generates over 1.5 million points per second, advance the vehicle's capability of navigating a range of driving scenarios, including urban environments, winding roads, highways, and parking.

In homage to the pop-up headlights of the Lotus Elan, the company's iconic sports car, RoboSense's LiDAR integration in the Emeya highlights the vehicle's combination of classic design and groundbreaking technology. The aerodynamic Emeya was developed with a motorsport-inspired grille, air dam, diffuser, and rear wing to maximize speed, control, and driving distance. The Emeya boasts an acceleration capability of 0-100 km/hr in 2.78 seconds and a top speed of 256 km/h. Leveraging 800V battery technology with Advanced Lotus Hyper Charging, the vehicle can add 180 km of range in just 5 minutes. Its cabin offers a driver-focused cockpit, instant 5G connectivity, a critically acclaimed sound system, and sustainable luxury fabrics for a premium finish.

RoboSense's M Platform sensors seamlessly designed into the Lotus Emeya

RoboSense's LiDAR sensors have undergone nearly three years of rigorous testing by global automakers. The company's mass manufacturing capabilities, product quality, and technological prowess are the perfect match for the Lotus Emeya. Both RoboSense and Lotus are committed to efficient and elegant engineering solutions, innovation and ingenuity, and pushing new boundaries.

In 2023, RoboSense achieved a milestone with over 250,000 sensors sold, including more than 150,000 units in the fourth quarter alone, and a record-breaking 70,000+ sensors in December, leading the global LiDAR industry. To learn more about RoboSense's M Platform LiDAR sensors, click here.

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