RoboSense and GAC Group Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement to Empower Global Automotive Intelligence Transformation with Concentrated Industrial Advantages

[Guangzhou, China] RoboSense, the world's leading intelligent LiDAR system technology company, made its debut at the 18th China International Small and Medium Enterprises Fair (referred to as the 18th CISMEF) and the 2nd International Cooperation Summit Forum for Small and Medium Enterprises (referred to as the 2nd Summit Forum). As the only LiDAR technology company in the event's achievement release and signing ceremony, RoboSense has reached a strategic cooperation agreement on new energy vehicles and intelligent connected vehicles with GAC Group. Mr. Mark Qiu, Co-founder and CEO of RoboSense, and Ms. Jane Jiang, Deputy General Manager of GAC Group, officially signed the cooperation agreement.

The 18th CISMEF and the 2nd Summit Forum, jointly organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), the State Administration for Market Regulation, and the People's Government of Guangdong Province, are themed "Strengthen Cooperation, Expand Exchanges, Mutual Benefit, and Development Hand in Hand" and "Innovation Leads Development, Cooperation Focuses on the Future," aiming to promote international exchanges and cooperation among enterprises and jointly promote high-quality development.

The strategic cooperation between GAC Group and RoboSense is not only an important part of the 18th CISMEF and the 2nd Summit Forum's "interpretation of a series of policies, release of reports, signing of cooperation agreements, and achievement formation" but also represents the deep cooperation between the leading enterprise in the industrial chain and the specialized and innovative enterprise. The two parties have continuously deepened their cooperation in the new energy vehicle and intelligent connected vehicle industrial chain, achieving fruitful cooperation results.

In July 2021, GAC Group's high-end intelligent electric vehicle brand Aion Global announced the first application of RoboSense's second-generation intelligent variable focus LiDAR, sounding the horn of the arrival of the autonomous driving era. In January 2022, AION LX Plus, a technological newcomer under Aion, was officially launched, equipped with three RoboSense second-generation intelligent solid-state LiDARs. In April this year, Aion's futuristic spinning rotor Hyper GT, equipped with RoboSense's M-series LiDAR as the core, created a comprehensive high-level intelligent driving system based on multi-sensor fusion perception, and achieved impressive pre-sales before the Shanghai Auto Show.

In recent years, RoboSense has played an increasingly prominent role as a "pioneer" in innovation capability, technological strength, market performance, industrial chain contribution, and industrial empowerment. To date, RoboSense has secured more than 20 cooperation projects with global OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers for over 50 designated vehicle models. With industry-leading intelligent LiDAR system technology and mass production capabilities, RoboSense continues to enable leading automakers like GAC Group to realize commercialization of intelligent driving capabilities in various scenarios. In August 2022, RoboSense was selected as a "specialized, sophisticated, distinctive, and innovative" small and medium-sized enterprise in Shenzhen for the year 2021, based on its outstanding technological strength, key role in the industrial chain, and excellent market performance. It was also certified as a "little giant" enterprise in the fourth batch of specialized, sophisticated, distinctive, and innovative enterprises by the MIIT.

Mr. Mark Qiu, the Executive Director and Executive President of RoboSense, publicly stated in 2021, "The trend of intelligentization in the global automotive industry is evident, and considering comprehensive industrial foundations and consumer markets, China will become the core market of the global intelligent industrial chain." This further deepening of strategic cooperation between RoboSense and GAC Group will provide solid support for this grand proposition.

In the future, based on GAC Group's overall coordination of industrial resources and leveraging the advantages of being the "chain leader" enterprise and ecosystem leader, the two parties will continue to deepen the development ecosystem of GAC Group's industrial clusters. They will carry forward the pragmatic and innovative spirit, promote Chinese automotive brands to become leaders in the global market, and contribute to the sustainable development and long-term prosperity of the global new energy vehicle and intelligent connected vehicle industry ecosystem.

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