RoboSense and SAIC Motor Corp. Enter New Phase of Mass Production Collaboration with the Launch of Rising Auto F7

【SHENZHEN,China】RoboSense, a world-leading provider of Smart LiDAR Sensor Systems, has announced a new partnership with Rising Auto, a brand under SAIC Motor Corp.. The first collaborative model, Rising Auto F7 electric sedan, has been officially launched and delivered, marking a new stage of mass production cooperation between the two companies.

According to Rising Auto, the F7 will be available in the second half of 2023 and  is equipped with optional top-notch intelligent driving hardware, including the RS-LiDAR-M series LiDAR and NVIDIA Orin chip, as well as the RISING PILOT fully integrated advanced intelligent driving system. These features provide with stable, reliable, and highly intelligent perception capabilities, delivering a smart, safe, and complete intelligent driving experience.

The launch and delivery of the Rising Auto F7 signifies that RoboSense and SAIC Motor Corp. have entered a new stage of mass production cooperation. In recent years, the two companies have achieved multi-level deep collaboration in industrial capital empowerment and industrial intelligence upgrading, further extending, and consolidating their cooperation.

In the field of intelligent driving, multiple SAIC Motor Corp. brand vehicles , such as the Rising Auto F7 and IM Motors LS7, have launched the RoboSense M-series LiDAR for mass production. This has accelerated the mass adoption of RoboSense automotive-grade M series LiDAR  for intelligent driving. . Shangqi Capital, a subsidiary of the SAIC Motor Corp., was also one of the earliest automobile industry private equity institutions to enter into a strategic investment agreement with RoboSense.

In the field of unmanned driving and mobility services, RoboSense has empowered the level 4 autonomous driving solution with the implementation of M-series LiDAR on SAIC Motor Corp.'s RoboTaxi project (SAIC Mobility), helping SAIC RoboTaxi 2.0 mass production to succeed.

RoboSense's globally leading mass production capability supports the delivery schedule and market performance of SAIC Motor Corp.'s automotive brands. By establishing an intelligent manufacturing system with an annual capacity of one million units and cooperating with leading enterprises in the industry, RoboSense provides high-performance LiDAR products for nearly 20 globally renowned automotive brands, including Rising Auto and IM Motors. In the field of automotive electrification and intelligence, RoboSense upholds technological innovation and continuously deepens strategic cooperation with SAIC Motor Corp. and its automotive brands. 

About SAIC Motor Corp.
SAIC Motor Corp., Ltd. (formerly Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation) is a Chinese state-owned automobile manufacturer headquartered in Anting, Shanghai. Founded in 1955, it is currently the largest of the "Big Four" state-owned car manufacturers of China, namely: SAIC Motor, FAW Group, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, and Changan Automobile, with car sales of 5.37 million, 3.50 million, 3.28 million and 2.30 million in 2021 respectively.

About RoboSense
RoboSense (Suteng Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.) is a world-leading provider of Smart LiDAR Sensor Systems. With a complete portfolio of LiDAR sensors, AI perception and IC chipsets, RoboSense transforms conventional 3D LiDAR sensors with comprehensive data analysis and interpretation systems.

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