RoboSense supports the mass production project of SAIC Motor RoboTaxi 2.0 successfully launched

SAIC Motor AI LAB RoboTaxi 2.0 equipped with RS-LiDAR-M1

Recently, the large-scale production project of SAIC Motor AI LAB RoboTaxi 2.0 equipped with RoboSense second generation smart solid-state LiDAR was successfully launched. This project has been planned, developed and reformed by SAIC Motor authorized factories. It is the first RoboTaxi large-scale series production project led by an OEM in China, and will start large-scale operation in Lingang, Shanghai from October, 2022.


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SAIC RoboTaxi 2.0 is equipped with the new generation multi-sensor integrated solution for large-scale series production, including four RoboSense second-generation smart solid-state LiDAR, RS-LiDAR-M1 (M1), which are deployed on the roof at four corners of the SAIC MARVELR model of Rising Auto. M1, with its excellent product design and reliable performance, provides SAIC RoboTaxi 2.0 fleets with superior perception accuracy and wide vision, enabling it to better integrate the sensing system with the vehicle design, effectively adapt to the large-scale series production of high-level autonomous vehicles and safeguard intelligent driving.

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