RoboSense Series Production Capability Empowers HAOMO.AI's Launch of NOH

Leverage strengths and efficiency to shape the future intelligent driving industry

On April 19, 2022, HAOMO.AI, a leading Chinese autonomous driving technology company successfully held its HAOMO AI DAY. Chunchao Qiu, co-founder and executive president of RoboSense, attended the event remotely via video. He appreciated the past cooperation between and achievements made by the two partners, and expressed high expectations for future cooperation.

On this year’s HAOMO AI DAY, HAOMO.AI released its comprehensively upgraded technical strategy and data intelligence system, MANA (Snow Lake), and demonstrated its urban NOH driving assistance products for the first time on open roads in Beijing. As a major LiDAR partner, RoboSense mobilized its leading-edge LiDAR hardware and multi-LiDAR integrated sensing technology to help HAOMO.AI build the core environment perception capabilities of its AI autonomous driving system, help achieve large-scale series production and delivery of urban NOH driving assistance products, and accelerate the deployment of autonomous vehicles at scale.

Chunchao Qiu, co-founder and executive president of RoboSense, commented on this partnership: “RoboSense has partnered with HAOMO.AI since 2019 to re-define smart logistics with high-precision perception and empower autonomous driving with large-scale series production capability, and has both been closely engaged in the global automotive industry’s transformation towards intelligence. RoboSense looks forward to sustained and in-depth cooperation with HAOMO.AI to continuously upgrade the mobility and logistics industries.”

“RoboSense is an innovative, forward-looking and pragmatic LiDAR enterprise in China and it’s leading the large-scale production and commercialization of LiDAR. HAOMO.AI hopes to develop great products together with RoboSense and accelerate the development of the autonomous driving industry,” said Hou Jun, COO of HAOMO.AI.

RoboSense has been in close cooperation with HAOMO.AI since 2019 in several dimensions, including passenger car driving assistance systems, last-mile unmanned delivery robots, autonomous driving ground truth and validation systems and other fields. RoboSense provided HAOMO.AI with its cutting-edge second-generation smart solid-state LiDAR, RS-LiDAR-M1, and other LiDAR hardware products, as well as the industry-leading multi-LiDAR integrated sensing technology, and the autonomous driving ground truth and validation system tools.

RoboSense and HAOMO.AI carried out in-depth and comprehensive cooperation in all aspects in the field of passenger car driving assistance systems. RoboSense married its superior LiDAR hardware, AI integrated sensing software and automotive-grade large-scale series production capability with HAOMO.AI’s mass scale autonomous driving data and data intelligence technologies. The two partners integrate respective advantageous resources, products and technical strengths, and cooperate across R&D, production, testing and delivery of passenger car driving assistance systems in-depth to jointly promote the application of autonomous driving systems.

In the field of last-mile unmanned delivery robots, RoboSense focused on the use scenarios and helped HAOMO.AI develop its own last-mile unmanned delivery robot, “Xiaomotuo”. RoboSense series production LiDAR  enabled “Xiaomotuo” to quickly break new ground in large scale production and commercialization of autonomous driving technology and products.

In addition, RoboSense supported HAOMO.AI deploy tens of  autonomous driving ground truth and validation vehicles based on RoboSense’s RS-Reference. RS-Reference uses high-performance mature sensors and fully run sensing software to intelligently produce massive and accurate truth data to support autonomous driving systems to quickly test, verify, assess and train its perception capabilities, which greatly improves the system efficiency in various program development and accelerates the application of autonomous driving solutions, effectively improving the large-scale production performance and efficiency of the autonomous driving systems of HAOMO.AI.

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