RoboSense and DeepRoute Reached Strategic Partnership to Jointly Promote the L4 Autonomous Driving Pre-installed Mass Production and Implementation

Shenzhen, CHINA- RoboSense, a world's leading smart LiDAR system technology company, officially announced a strategic partnership with DeepRoute.ai, an L4 autonomous driving unicorn. Dr. Chunxin Qiu, founder and CEO of RoboSense, and Dr. Guang Zhou, CEO of DeepRoute.ai, jointly witnessed the signing ceremony.

At the ceremony, Yubin Xu, smart driving industry general manager of RoboSense, and Nianqiu Liu, partner and vice president of DeepRoute.ai, officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement, with the L4 autonomous driving pre-installed solutions powered by LiDAR as their future focus. Based on accurate and all-round 3D environment perception capabilities of the smart solid-state LiDAR system, the two partners will integrate their respective technical strengths and industry resources to promote the L4 autonomous driving pre-installed mass production and implementation, empowering the RoboTaxi mobility platform with more advanced, automotive-grade, low-cost autonomous driving solutions.

Dr. Chunxin Qiu, founder and CEO of RoboSense, commented on the strategic partnership: "After years of technological changes, the dream of autonomous vehicles in mass production is finally coming true in the era of AI. RoboSense will work closely with DeepRoute.ai to accelerate the overall development across the industrial chain through constant technological innovation, continuously enhance the global influence of China's self-owned autonomous vehicle brands, and usher in a new era of mass production and large-scale application for the autonomous driving industry."

Dr. Guang Zhou, CEO of DeepRoute.ai, said:“DeepRoute.ai is committed to making autonomous driving safer, smarter and more reliable. We have launched the world's first L4 autonomous driving solution for as low as 10,000 USD, which lifted the cost restriction on the L4 autonomous driving mass production. We will work with RoboSense on a deeper level to present new possibilities of pre-installed automotive-grade mass production for the autonomous driving industry, further empower urban mobility, and jointly push China's autonomous driving industry to the next level.“

RoboSense and DeepRoute.ai have a solid partnership foundation. DeepRoute.ai recently released its L4 autonomous driving solution for pre-installation - DeepRoute-Driver 2.0, which uses RoboSense's second generation smart solid-state LiDAR, RS-LiDAR-M1, as its main LiDAR. This is the first adoption of automotive-grade mass-produced LiDAR by L4 autonomous driving solutions in China.

With its excellent product design and reliable performance, M1 greatly boosts the pre-installed automotive-grade mass production of DeepRoute-Driver 2.0. M1 has high maturity and reliability. Having passed a series of strict automotive-grade tests, it has become the only second generation smart solid-state LiDAR worldwide to achieve automotive-grade mass production and delivery. Meanwhile, its small size means it easily fits into any part of the vehicle body, making it extra convenient for pre-installed mass production at the manufacturing end.

In addition, RoboSense is a tech pioneer in LiDAR integrated perception solutions, smart sensor software and truth valuation systems, which can streamline the system development process based on LiDAR hardware and help L4 RoboTaxi autonomous driving solutions to be implemented and mass produced faster. RoboSense has partnered with DeepRoute.ai, IDRIVERPLUS, Pony.ai, and many other enterprises in L4 RoboTaxi autonomous driving.

RoboSense will facilitate the in-depth industry integration with constant technological innovation, to provide more advanced L4 autonomous driving LiDAR products and solutions for the industry and safer, smoother, more convenient and normalized autonomous driving experience for consumers.

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