RoboSense Empowers WM M7 with a New Vision for Intelligent Perception

RoboSense recently showcased its second-generation smart solid-state LiDAR RS-LiDAR-M1 (M1) at a press conference held by WM Motor, a Chinese electric automaker startup. It demonstrated how the WM M7, a smart pure-electric car, was equipped with three M1s to create a large, intelligent sensing range of 330°. 

WM Motor is one of many Chinese EV startups hoping to find success in the market, with ambitions to go abroad. The company just recently unveiled its highly anticipated M7 flagship sedan, which has established itself as unique compared to rival models.

Equipped with three RoboSense M1’s, the WM M7 is capable of achieving groundbreaking Level-5 autonomous driving. It features an “eye” on the roof, and additional LiDAR on both sides of the body. Through collaborative fusion of sensing systems, it creates a safer, more reliable, smart dynamic imaging of the car’s complete surroundings with significantly reduced energy consumption.

M1 has active 3D imaging, precisely senses information at the centimeter-level, identifies obstacles, and upholds safety in all forms of intelligent driving. RoboSense's M1 also has smart zoom features and is powered by its unique "GAZE" function, which can dynamically adjust the environmental perception refresh rate in low-speed urban environments and recognize vehicle changes earlier. In inter-city high-speed scenes, it can dynamically adjust the vertical resolution to identify long-distance obstacles earlier. With M1, the WM M7 is empowered to seamlessly switch its perception mode, creating personalized experience that exceeds expectations for safe, efficient and smart mobility.

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PR Manager : Grace Ye


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