RoboSense launched new-gen bespoke LiDAR during Apsara Conference

 RoboSense today launched LiDAR RS-Helios-5515, a new-generation LiDAR tailored for Alibaba’s autonomous delivery robot –Xiaomanlv during the Autonomous Driving Industry Summit at the 2021 Aspara Conference. Qiu Chunchao, co-founder and president of RoboSense also delivered a speech named The Year of Mass Production of LiDAR to Advance on the Next Level of Mobility for Autonomous Driving.

The new LiDAR is the first of such kind tailored for an autonomous vehicle and in mass production. Already deployed in over 300 Xiaomanlv vehicles, it has validated its full-weather, full-condition adaptability in the past year and is ready for expanded deployment in the Xiaomanlv fleet.

“Partnering with the Autonomous Driving Lab of Alibaba’s DAMO Academy greatly accelerates the delivery of our new-generation bespoke LiDAR,” Qiu Chunchao said, “RoboSense has achieved a technology revolution in industrial bespoke innovations and high-speed vehicle movement scenarios. We expect LiDAR will empower more industries and the smart upgrades of life and future mobility.”

“RoboSense is a key partner in our ecosystem, and our outstanding partnership has significantly helped in scaling up of our Xiaomanlv fleet. We will continue to collaborate on mass-scale, daily operations of autonomous logistics,” said Wang Gang, Vice President of Alibaba and the Head of Autonomous Driving Lab at DAMO Academy.

With an all-new technical structure, the new generation Helios LiDAR boasts customized FoV and achieves both long-range perception and near-field blind spot elimination, a feature traditional mechanical LiDARs haven’t met. A reduced number of sensors leads to a more condensed vehicle body, lower deployment costs and helps the Xiaomanlv fleet to operate in various delivery environments across China.

Based on mid-speed perception and blind-spot elimination demands, RS-Helios-5515 has a customized 70-degree ultra-wide vertical FoV at a 55-degree downward tilt below the horizon, reducing near-field blind spot range to within 10 centimeters. A design that arranges lasers more densely in the center of its FoV results a higher-precision 3D point cloud as far as 150 meters ahead, further enhancing perception and blind spot reduction.

The multi-beam LiDAR is 29% smaller in size compared with previous generation products with similar performance. Denoising functions of rain, fog, dust and snow is standard. The LiDAR is also resistant against interference from multi-LiDAR and ambient light. Ethernet connection is upgraded with web configuration and monitoring and output pulse signal for external trigger. Moreover, the system can function at -30 Celsius.

As the first in the autonomous delivery industry to achieve customized mass-delivery, RS-Helios-5515 opens a new chapter of industrial applications. RoboSense is committed to more LiDAR products and empower autonomous driving to the next level, as LiDAR enters mass production and autonomous driving approaches mass commercial operations.


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