RS-LiDAR-M1 Wins 2021 CLEPA Innovation Awards – Showcasing the Future of Mobility

The European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA) announced the winners of the 2021 CLEPA Awards at the Vaudeville Theatre in the center of Brussels on Oct. 26. In the Connectivity and Automation category, RoboSense LiDAR took home the second prize for its RS-LiDAR-M1, making it the only Chinese company to win in the awards this year.

The RS-LiDAR-M1 (M1) is the world's first and only smart LiDAR sensor for self-driving passenger vehicles based on MEMS solid-state scanning technology and perception software technology. M1’s innovation is in its “GAZE” function, which can dynamically adjust the perceived frame rate and resolution to improve perception. As an advanced and mature second-generation smart solid-state LiDAR, M1 has earned pre-installed orders for a variety of  passenger vehicles including the Weltmeister M7, GAC Aion, Inceptio L3 truck, as well as a new energy vehicle manufacturer and others. 

CLEPA represents over 3.000 companies supplying state-of-the-art components and innovative technology for safe, smart and sustainable mobility. The CLEPA Innovation Awards invite organizations from across the automotive supply ecosystem to share their latest and greatest efforts in innovation excellence. 

The competition is open to any company from the supply industry, and the assessment considers innovation elements such as ambition, market relevance, impact and quality to determine their score. These are the five criteria used by the international jury of experts from industry, academia and European institutions to determine the winner in each of the four categories: Connectivity and Automation, Cooperation, Environment and Safety.

RoboSense’s smart LiDAR sensor has the reliability and intelligence to be applied to autonomous driving needs. As the world's first mass-produced automotive-grade solid-state LiDAR, M1 can greatly reduce the cost of the entire LiDAR sensing system, and offer valuable space in the vehicle, empowering the passenger auto industry to advance to the next level of mobility.

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