Ultra High resolution: 0.1°x0.1° (@10Hz)
0.1°x0.1° (@10Hz) ultra-high resolution plus ±3cm ranging accuracy captures the shapes of more small objects in road environments clearly and accurately.
*Remarks: 41 channels in the middle with 0.1° vertical resolution; in high performance mode, 80 channels are all with 0.1° horizontal resolution (@10Hz).
Ranging capability:210m@10% NIST
Compared with its previous generation 80-beam products, the RS-Ruby-80 has a 30% higher ranging capability.
Anti-interference:reliable point cloud
Shielding multi LiDAR interference and ambient light interference.
Stable and reliable:design for operating vehicle
With reference to automotive-grade standards, having covered dozens of reliability tests including mechanical shock, random vibration, low temperature operation, protection against water, EMC, etc.

Product Specifications
# of Lines 80 Laser Wavelength 905nm
Laser Safety Class 1 eye safe Blind Spot ≤0.4m
Range 230m(210m@10% NIST)  Range Accuracy(Typical) ±2cm ( 1σ ) 
Horizontal FoV 360° Vertical FoV 40°(-25°~+15°)
Horizontal  Resolution [Balance] 0.2° / 0.4°
[High performance] 0.1° / 0.2°
Vertical Resolution 0.1° (-2.99°~+1.01°)
Frame Rate 10Hz/20 Hz Rotation Speed 600/1200rpm (10/20Hz)
UDP Packet include Spatial Coordinates, Intensity, Timestamp, etc. Output UDP packets over Ethernet
Points Per Second(Single Return) [Balance] ~1,440,000pts/s
[High performance] ~2,880,000pts/s
Automontive Ethernet Connection 1000M Base T1
Points Per Second(Dual Return) [Balance] ~2,880,000pts/s
[High performance] ~5,760,000pts/s
Operating Voltage 9 - 32V Operating Temperature -40°C ~ +60°C
Power Consumption [Balance] 24W
[High performance] 27W
Storage Temperature -40°C ~ +85°C
Ingress Protection IP67, IP6K9K Time Synchronization
$GPRMC with 1pps,PTP & gPTP
Dimension φ125mm *  H128 mm Weight (without cabling) ~1.85 kg

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